Message from Vice President

Shri Om Prakash Agrawal

S. S. Agrawal group of Colleges is a student centric educational institution since its inception, the college has committed itself to providing a high class education that prepares students academically, personally, professionally and socially for the successful careers in their chosen life.

Our Objective is to promote learning and to help students succeed and fulfill their dreams. We strive to ensure that the time spent at the college is a time of growth, discovery and achievement. Our college seeks to nurture thoughtful, well informed, articulate individuals, committed to improving the well being of selves and the community.

As an educational institution in one of the most diverse countries in the world, S. S. Agrawal group of Colleges has chosen to serve as a cultural, social and intellectual centre for the community and as a resource and partner for business and industry. Our expert faculties possess a passion for excellence in teaching and our staffs are dedicated to supporting the academic endeavour's of our students. Our Campus culture is one of open and engaged liberal learning with a commitment to ethical standards.

This commitment to excellence in education is not limited to the classroom. The S. S. Agrawal group of Colleges believes that one of the greatest factors towards success for people in society is to have an authority figure that believes in you and cares for you. Each of us can look at our lives and recall people who touched it in meaningful and powerful ways. These people offer us guidance, support, wisdom, a safe heaven when we could expose our uncertainties and grow as perceptual learners. These people were our mentors. Mentoring support the core values of S. S. Agrawal group of Colleges. It infuses and informs all aspects of our work from preparing undergraduates and Diploma students to become well informed lifelong learners, engaged citizens and productive employees to promoting excellence in teaching research and service among our faculty and innovation among our staff.

I believe that campus which promotes a culture of mentoring strengthens the fabric of community that impacts all aspects of campus life. At our S. S. Agrawal group of Colleges, we all work very hard and play equally hard.

We aim not only help you earn degrees and find fulfilling careers, but to help you become informed citizens, well equipped to give back to your communities.