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SSAPS is one of the most highly reputed and well-known educational institutes of Navsari district. SSAPS,offers education right from Nursery to HSC in both Gujarati and English medium, affiliated by GHSEB, Gandhinagar. We established our institute after understanding the need of each child to develop his/her career in this throat-cutting competitive world.We believe in overall development of your child. So we provide the best atmosphere of learning to each ofstudent for his/her growth in the field of education. Apart from the studies, we encourage our students to participate in the sports and cultural events. Many of our students have unique achievements in the field of sports and cultural events throughout the district and many reached to the state as well. Our aim is to provide the world’s best education to the local students of Navsari district and nearby region of it so they do not have to migrate in the search of quality education. By choosing the SSAPS, you become the part of our caring, lively and supportive environment which helps your child to grow more in his/her interest area.

Our Mission

To structure & deliver the most advanced value-added education which can help each child to realize his potentiality. Students will be taught in a caring and personalized learning atmosphere that is enhanced through a friendly and constructive partnership with parents. Through the school programmes and activities, the children will learn to respect all cultures and communities, preparing them to become a part of our increasingly multi-cultural world.

Our Vision

To become a premier Institute recognized globally for its excellence in education & teaching pattern which helps to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The Visionary

Late Shri Shivcharanlalji Agrawal

The Agrawal Education Foundation draws inspiration from the fatherly figure Late Shri Shivcharan Lal Ji Agrawal, who came from a middle class Rajasthani family. In 1973, with firm determination to succeed, he made a stepping stone into the business domain initially with traditional industries in Navsari.It was his much cherished dream and vision to establish educational institutes offering higher education programmes to the students at their door step.

It’s a place where knowledge is lived, not just learned. And it’s an experience that will connect you with the countless opportunities for life in ways most institutions can barely imagine.

-Rajesh Agrawal / The President

"The college believes that teaching is the art of simplifying knowledge and information without diluting it."

-Shri Om Prakash Agrawal / Vice President

“There are huge challenges in today’s global and highly competitive markets and we have to ensure that you are ready for them.”

-Mukesh Agrawal / Secretary

From Principal's Desk

We indeed feel delighted for the fact that you are considering studying at S.S. Agrawal Public School, Navsari. Our School enjoys an outstanding reputation and is renowned for students achieving higher benchmarks and provision for diverse educational opportunities. Our highly professional dedicated faculty endeavours to encourage each student to achieve his/her best in all fields. The tread on unknown pathways brings anxiety and excitement in equal measures, rest assured that we will help you make the transition a beautiful experience and a turning point in your child’s life. Making a decision about the right school for your child can be a difficult one, but we hope that this prospectus will help make that decision and give you a flavour of S.S. Agrawal Public School and the learning opportunities that we provide.

Mrs Meenakshi Agarwal,
S.S.Agrawal Public School, Navsari

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