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Core Facilities


Library is said to be the “knowledge Hub” of any academic institute. The school understands the role of library and therefore maintains benchmark standards in the library. The school offers a well-equipped and rich library..

School Canteen

Spacious and hygienic cafeteria is available inside the campus.A recreation hall or social club where refreshments are available..


Games at S.S. Agrawal Public School are played with much fervor and passion. There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. Sports are an integral part of our curriculum and are regarded as being as important as the academic component..

WiFi Campus

S.S. Agrawal Public School is operating in a very pro-active and in educational atmosphere where the facility of WIFI is also available..


Well equipped physics, chemistry & biology labs are available in our school. All labs are well equipped with modern amenities.


The school is also providing transport facility. A fleet of buses covers the entire city and outside remote area. The transportation department of S.S. Agrawal Public School provides safe, reliable, caring and courteous services to the students..

Seminar Hall

One of the architectural delights of the institute is its seminar hall. This spacious air-conditioned hall is well equipped with audio-video facilities. It is used for various curricular and cultural activities..

Computer Labs

The Computer lab of the school is armed with the modernized computers with flat screen monitors of latest configuration and connected with LAN. Wireless access to LAN is available in selected areas within the campus..

Visits & Excursions

The educational tours at S.S. Agrawal Public School are so planned that they acquaint children with the outside world and connect and update them with the required skills. They learn to become self-sufficient and self-reliable..

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